Morning Storms with Carlie Sis

So last year (wow too soon to say that) for my last shoot I shot this killer model from the US. And since it was my last shoot, i decided to do a bit of an interview..

So here is my interview with the gorgeous Carlie Sis

Model: Carlie Sis

Photographer: Chris Dwyer

What made you want to get into modelling?

It was always something in the back of my mind, but growing up in a small town in Nebraska, there wasn’t really any opportunity to pursue it. I was 2 years into college, when a girl from my sorority randomly introduced me to a family friend of hers. This family friend happened to be a model scout and photographer from New York. He studied me over and basically asked me on the spot if I could quit school and move to Miami. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I shot with him and he sent my photos to Wilhelmina and I signed right away. I deferred from school and moved to South Beach. I felt in my heart it was an opportunity of a lifetime, and whatever happened I couldn't pass this up.

What has been your favorite thing about modelling?

By far, my favorite thing about modeling is the fact that it’s allowed me to travel the world, and meet amazing people from all over. I’ve lived in Miami, LA, New Zealand, Istanbul, Athens, Cape Town, Australia, Milan, Germany and traveled to South America for work and all over the United States.

How much longer will you be modelling for do you think? I really love the freedom that modeling allows.

And I love that it allowed me to experience all kinds of industries and has made networking easy. I think that as long as I am making money and able to support myself, I will continue to model.

What would you say to everyone who puts a negative on modelling, and says all models starve themselves and its a vain profession?

I would say that yes, in the decades of this industry some models all over the world have gone to great lengths to be fit for this industry. I can say from personal experience, I have never starved myself and have many friends in this industry who can say the same. I think people are vain - but the industry itself is not.

As a model, you'rejudged on your looks and appearance daily, how do you not let it effect you? 

This is a tough question - considering 95% of this business is based on rejection. I think because I started modeling at 21, I had a better idea of who I was and what I have to offer then say if I had started at 15. The number one thing models have to remember in this business is that clients are looking for a specific thing - or idea of the type of model they want representing their company. I am curvy, tan, tall, brunette, blue eyed and all american looking. If a client is looking for a super skinny, sharp featured, blonde - then I know I’m not the type they want. That’s something you can’t take personally. Often times clients will look at you for 2 minutes, quickly scroll through your portfolio, and send you on your way. They don’t stop and get to know you. If you are confident in yourself and surround yourself with people who only build you up, it’s easy to work through rejection. The next week you could book a campaign - and forget all about last weeks rejection. That’s how this industry works.

And finally, what advice do you have for girls wanting to or starting out in the modeling industry?

I would tell them that before embarking on this journey, know who you are and what you have to offer. Be realistic. If you are shorter and curvy know that you will be put up for mostly commercial work, and that you might not walk in a marc jacobs fashion show, and that’s okay! I would tell young girls under 18 - to wait. Finish high school, go to college if you can, experience being teenager and a crazy college student. The industry is changing and it’s okay to start to pursue modeling when you are an adult, not a child. Enjoy your childhood! Know that this industry is filled with rejection - be prepared for that. It’s the name of the game. When you do book a job, be that model that clients love to work with. Respect and work hard for clients - and always be nice and thankful! That gets you a long way in this business.